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Marketing Innovation

It's all about the "Big Picture", to incorporate the advances in technology, content
production and marketing science to increase effectiveness and efficiency
of marketing through experiences in new digital channels and retail.

About Me

  • Name: Joel Tec
  • Date of birth: 20 Jul 1971
  • Languajes: English 95%, Spanish 100%
  • Nationality: Mexican
  • Phone: +52 1 (55) 6913 0164
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Experienced marketing professional who provides solutions to incorporate technology, media and creativity for retail and digital. Manage local and regional projects for CPG companies. Associate director focused on customer experience in retail and digital, resulting on new business and services for the company.

What I Do ?

I have been working as a business developer mainly for marketing, retail and digital marketing projects for more than 10 years. I have been designing and developing a retail intelligence systems combining retail and marketing insights with the use of new technologies to have a better understanding and control of the POS. I have lots of experience in production, digital contents, video and film. I think user experience everywhere is the most important thing to drive sales and branding.

  • Customer Experience Design
  • Marketing intelligence
  • Interactive Design
  • Content production
  • Digital Marketing
  • Video & VFX production
  • Creative Technology
  • Advertising
  • Social Media
  • VR production
  • Implementation
  • Data Analytics




  • 1991-1995

    Bachelor degree certificate

    Marketing, Universidad del Valle de Mexico, Mexico City

    I have completed Marketing degree with advertising specialization from Universidad del Valle de Mexico, MEX. as founder and president of the Marketing Students Association and awarded 3 years in a row with the best product and campaign design at the Product Design competition.


  • 2016-Present

    Experiential Marketing Director

    Kolo DS, Mexico City

    - Creative technologist.
    - Creative design for digital retail projects for clients like Samsung, Adidas, Nestle among others in Mexico and LATAM.
    - Designed and produced digital RX (Retail Experience) projects and new technologies like VR, AR, Domotics, Retail Intelligence.
    - Architectural projects proposals design for permanent interactive installations.
    - Head of implementation for Data Analytics projects.

  • 2012-2016

    CX Associate Director

    Cheil Mexico, Mexico City

    - Head of innovation & technology.
    - Delivered more than 50 UX/RX and digital projects for web and digital retail projects for Samsung Mexico.
    - Designed and produced digital RX (Retail Experience) projects and new technologies like VR, AR, Domotics, Retail Intelligence among others.
    - Digital Marketing plans, SEO/SEM, social media, production, reporting and supervision.
    - Budget setting, control, measurement and data analysis for retail and the SMC Analysis regional team located in London, with countries like (Poland, France, UK, Canada, Ukraine, Austria among others)
    - Client development.
    - Social Media Center implementation at Samsung as a part of a global program.
    - Implemented the SMC and produced workshops for Samsung Mexico’s digital team.
    - Selected and administrated projects with local team and external vendors.
    - Supervised all the UX digital projects for web, mobile apps, digital retail, video content, interactive video walls among others.

  • 2008-2011

    Executive Production Director

    Lomas Post, Mexico City

    - Designed and implemented the production and postproduction pipelines.
    - Head of innovation & technology.
    - Developed Marketing & communication programs, social media and promotions design, production, implementation and supervision.
    - Close interaction with the clients, creative and production teams during the production process for their internal or external communications programs.
    - VFX, postproduction and supervision for feature films and advertising.
    - Ensure the accomplishment of goals for budget and delivery dates.
    - Developed long term business relationships with major brands like P&G, HBO, McCann Erickson, Publicis Group for local market and LATAM (20% sales grow per year since 1st year).

  • 2006-2008

    Executive Production Director

    Ollin Studio, Mexico City

    - Designed, implemented and supervised Marketing & communication programs, social media and promotions.
    - Supervised and provided solutions for postproduction, VFX and multimedia production across the facility as part of the innovation and technology team.
    - Produced and managed feature films and advertising projects.
    - Managed relationship with local and international clients, feature films, Ad or PR agencies during the production process.
    - Supervised sales administration and budget control for all the clients, local and international (delivered positive numbers since 1st year after years of substantial losses).
    - Designed cost effective production packages for the clients (film out packages, events, postproduction projects).
    - Developed corporate negotiations for long term contracts with the most important players on the media.
    - Produced on set VFX supervision for commercials and feature films.

  • 2005-2006

    VFX Producer

    Ollin Studio, Mexico City

    - Delivered successfully more than 150 VFX breakdowns, bidding, supervision and production for feature films and advertising local and international projects.
    - Managed all the postproduction process for digital and film projects.
    - Close interaction with the most influent production companies.

  • 2002-2005

    Digital Marketing Director

    Kuki Media, Mexico City

    - Designed and produced digital campaigns for 5 beverages products.
    - Redesigned product image and developed ATL and Digital campaigns.
    - Produced web sites, interactive presentations and digital activations.

  • 2000-2002

    Multimedia Producer

    Oveja Negra Lowe, Mexico City

    - Designed and developed digital marketing campaigns and promotions for: PepsiCo, Sabritas, Cheetos, Ruffles, Doritos, Sonric´s.

  • 1998-2000

    Digital Manager

    Ollin Studio, Mexico City

    - Designed, created and directed the digital area with a 10 people team.
    - Awarded 2 years in a row for innovation and multimedia design.


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